Shaped – FaithSight #8


Croce di luce - bagliore

May we be shaped by you today O God.

Not by the cultural warriors of the day.

Not by the politicians spewing anger and hate.

Not by those who’ve given up on this world as hopeless.

Not by preachers who ride in private jets while milking the emotionally vulnerable for contributions.

Instead, may we be shaped by you today O God.

May we join your movement in this world which ushers in your kingdom.

May we reflect your generous Spirit when it comes to giving away grace.

May we live like love really is transformational.

May we escape our self-limitations and live as the people you believe us to be.

May we banish all fear, knowing living in fear is contrary to faith.

May we be farmers, who harvest your fruits of the Spirit.

May we be shaped by you today O God.

Through the grace, power and love of Jesus Christ our Lord, may it be so today.


One thought on “Shaped – FaithSight #8

  1. Rev. Dr. Clay Shook January 6, 2016 / 1:57-05:00Jan

    Gee whiz. I was about to launch my private jet fund raising campaign Mark. Lol.

    Rev. Dr. Clay Shook

    Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church

    101 May St./P.O. Box 566

    St. George, SC 29477

    843.563.3058 – office

    843.563.9715 – fax

    “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill


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