Today’s Choice

The road junction and blue sky and green grass

We are given the ability to choose.

God trusts us enough (love) to grant us this choosing ability.

So today, do not give your choice-gift away to those who would use it for themselves.

Do not give your self-perception choice to those who would discount you as a person because you don’t measure up their arbitrary standard.

Do not give your emotions-choice to those who would manipulate your feelings so that you will buy what they are selling.

Do not give your perspective-choice over to ranting politicians or fear-mongering religious leaders who cultivate your allegiance  and dollars for themselves.

Do not even give your self-determination away to well meaning, yet misguided, friends and family.

You are in charge of you. God trusts you to shape your destiny. God gave you the ability to choose.

So, today, may we choose to be salt and light, joining God’s love movement in this world.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Choice

  1. markt987 January 6, 2017 / 1:57-05:00Jan

    Thanks Marion. Keep on keeping on my friend! Stay warm up there too.


  2. Ronald D. Vaughan January 6, 2017 / 1:57-05:00Jan


    I will NOT surrender my power to choose….since you told me I can’t.

    Seriously, a wonderful word.



    • markt987 January 6, 2017 / 1:57-05:00Jan

      Thanks Dee. You always lighten my day. Stay warm this weekend…hoping worship can happen on Sunday!
      My Saturday event in the Upstate was cancelled, but Friday night and Sunday in the Midlands are still on. See you soon.


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