Power Of The AND-Word


I disagree with you, AND

I love you, AND

We are in ongoing relationship, AND

We disagree.

This is what it means to live in community. We disagree on issues, ideas, decisions AND we continue onward together. We accept each other, we care for each other as people, we respect our common humanity, AND we disagree on some very important issues. The AND-word is a powerful connector, encouraging our better selves to rise to the surface.

Sadly, the AND-word has fallen out of favor with many. We have believed the lies of those who cultivate division; those telling us we cannot be in ongoing relationship with those who disagree with us. So many voices urge us to break relationship with those who don’t vote like we do, profess their faith exactly like we do, or don’t look like we do.

But we don’t have to fall for that….stuff. We don’t have to swallow the belief that those who disagree with us on issues, theology, or even personal preference are not simply different…but evil. Certainly there is evil in this world and some issues directly interact with evil. Yet most issues which we allow to break relationships are not in this category. They are different ideas about how this world should work.

So, don’t give away your power based on lies or because of the counsel of those who would use you for their selfish purposes. Instead, claim the power of AND.

I disagree with you, AND I love you, AND we are in ongoing relationship, AND we disagree.

When we live this statement, becoming these kinds of people, then we help tilt this world toward the better. Surely, it’s not easy, requiring a power beyond ourselves to do this. This is where the power of our faith in Jesus Christ shows itself. When we cast ourselves on God’s strength, God supplies what we need.

This is DiscipleFlow. When we are caught up in the wild, adventurous Way of Jesus, then we disagree AND love.

Through the grace, love, and power of Jesus Christ our Lord, may it become so.

2 thoughts on “Power Of The AND-Word

  1. Thomas Lineberger June 21, 2019 / 1:57-04:00Jun

    Mark, Those who remained at Trinity really wanted this AND to be the way things were while acknowledging the difficult divide in which we found ourselves. Unfortunately, those who left didn’t want to acknowledge the difficult divide  AND remain together. It remains sad for many but we are moving forward working with the former conflict resolution person for the Maryland-Delaware Synod – ELCA who now resides in Banner Elk, NC. We’re attending our grief while looking forward. God’s got this! Tommy Lineberger

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  2. Mark Tidsworth June 21, 2019 / 1:57-04:00Jun

    Thanks for sharing this Tommy. And thank you for being salt and light in your context. Hope to see you again soon along the way.


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