Pinnacle Leadership Associates

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Pinnacle Leadership Associates is the best vocational venture I’ve been involved with yet. When I strated Pinnacle in 2008, we focused on three areas of service: Coaching, Consulting, and Training. Now Pinnacle includes PL Press, Web Design, and too many other services to mention.

Pinnacle is the primary organization through which I do most everything…presentations, webinars, leadership coaching, consulting, and so on. I’m also glad to talk with you about what I do through Pinnacle, as well as introducing you to a fine team of Associates. You may want to take in Pinnacle’s website to learn more Pinnacle Leadership Associates

My writing related to church leadership along with emerging expressions of church is in the Pinnacle Blog and weekly E-Newsletter. You can sign up to receive the E-news on the Pinnacle website on the Resources page at: Contact Us At Pinnacle Leadership

One thought on “Pinnacle Leadership Associates

  1. Marianne Gonlag August 24, 2019 / 1:57-04:00Aug

    Contact us at this email address at Potters Place or call me at 864 – 518


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