The Beautiful and Narrow Way

“The narrow way is one we travel together without fear.
The narrow way is fits and starts.
It’s running and walking and sometimes waiting.
It’s mountains and valleys and darkness and light.
It’s not being able to see the nose on our own faces and then things suddenly opening up into a magnificent vista.
It’s sometimes hard, but adventures usually are.
It’s not efficient; it’s a conversation.
You’re more likely to go three miles an hour than seventy.
You may feel alone but you’re not.
God is there.
And look around you: a great cloud of witnesses.”
-G. Christopher Smith and John Pattison, Slow Church

One thought on “The Beautiful and Narrow Way

  1. J.Earl March 17, 2015 / 1:57-04:00Mar

    Through the years and into the present I have found myself in the minority…in religion, medicine, politics, etc. Sometimes you wonder if there is something wrong with you or does the problem lie with the opposition. At times it is a lonely place to be….and we need to remember the encouragement that God gave to Elijah when he was in similar circumstances with Jezebel.


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